Travie allows you to plan your trip anywhere and anytime.

Travie is designed from the ground up to make travel planning on a mobile phone fun and pain-free, by allowing your phone to do the heavy lifting when it comes to planning activities, monitoring budgets and figuring out travel methods.

Let's see how it works:

One tap journeys

With a few taps of a finger, you will already have a working trip plan that you can use. All you need to do is choose your destinations that you wish to visit, and everything else is optional.

Unique customisation

If you want to fine-tune your trip, Travie can help you customise your trip plan. Travie’s intelligent detection will help prevent you from creating impossible-to-follow trips, easing your mind into a unique style that is yours.

One stop purchase

As Travie is your reliable assistant, it will be able to look after all your travel needs for you, purely on your mobile phone. You can book your flights, hotels, event tickets and car rentals all in one mobile app, as well as any travel insurance or covers that you need.


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